Black Cat treasure hunts make the perfect and cost effective choice for sponsorship.
Association with healthy, outdoor pursuits with all ages having fun is an ideal link for any company, organisation or individual to have.
There are three sponsorship options currently on offer:
1.A clue sponsor:Company photo and website link showing next to a specific clue. Ideal for a company on the hunt route or in that village,town,city etc. Only £50/clue
2.Stockist:All the benefits of stocking the hunts(see separate page)Only £200 for unlimited access to all hunts.
3.A whole hunt sponsor: A photo and company website link on the specific Black Cat webpage for that hunt. In addition, unlimited access to the sponsored hunt. Ideal for companies growing strong community links in that site. Only £400.

Please note all these options are set fees on annual contracts.Multiple purchase is subject to discount.

For further information please phone Tim Carter on 07445818996 or e-mail :
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