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It`s raining and windy ahead ..what are your options?..the TV..the pub or read a book or...time for a Black Cat treasure hunt! Here are some reasons why..

1.Organise a fundraising  event for your club,school or charity and let Black Cat Treasure Hunts do the tricky bit.

2.Ask us for a driving treasure hunt. The best way to beat the weather and get an adventure into the bargain.

3.Personalised hen party treasure hunt. We are the leading Sussex treasure hunt company for high value, hen party treasure hunts.

4.Get a gang of friends together for your birthday and we`ll sort out a fun and entertaining treasure hunt to help you celebrate.

5.Shhh...who said Xmas?! Whisper it quietly and we`ll get working on a treasure hunt route for you to have fun on before a Xmas meal. If it snows on route all the better!

6.Need inspiration for a sports club training session...we can get the team working together and get exercising at the same time. This treasure hunt will help keep the motivation going during the Autumn months.

7.Just want to do something different with your work colleagues..we`re here to help. Give us a spec and we`ll set up a fun event for you.

8.Attraction owner in need of an extra, good value. bespoke activity to help pull customers in? A Black Cat treasure hunt will be just the thing.

9.Visiting Sussex to catch up with family and friends? Celebrating a special anniversary..then we can put together an excellent personalised treasure hunt...or check out our on-line hunts for a day out activity.

10.Staying at home..but you`re organised! We are already taking bookings for next year. Get in touch on info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk and we can help you tick off one of the `to do` things from your list.
Black Cat Treasure Hunts have been congratulated for providing great motivation to a team, groups and individuals through their bespoke and personalised treasure hunts. If you are not sure how that is possible then have a look below for 10 reasons why it is!

1. Fun..people perform better when they are relaxed. Everyone can contribute.

2. Mix..An office organiser or hen party organiser for example can mix up teams so that people from different departments or people who don`t know each other will be on the same team helping each other.

3.All skills needed..a treasure hunt is a great way to get everyone involved without a specific leader. You need to keep your eyes peeled..keep an eye on direction changes...look out for clues...don`t forget the time...be creative...have a sense of adventure.

4.Discover..finding out  and seeing new things and places is the perfect way to boost motivation.

5.Health and fitness..we can write car treasure hunts too, but our walking treasure hunts will help you burn off the calories and help you keep fit and healthy without you noticing. It will be the most fun exercise session you have ever had.

6.Competition..if numbers 1-5 don`t do it for you then a bit of healthy competition may! Our treasure hunts can be completed in teams and why not motivate your group with the promise of prizes or `treasure` at the end.

7.Learning...you may not believe the saying you learn something new every day, but I guarantee the day you take part in a Black Cat treasure hunt you will!

8. Different...the original office outing...the re-union event...the birthday party for all your friends...this time get all the credit without having to do hardly any of the work...can`t say fairer than that for motivation.

9. Praise..we all respond to a bit of praise. A treasure hunt with us will give you many different ways to get that..spotting the answer...taking a great photo or video...chatting up strangers to take part in the team Mexican Wave!...

10.Celebrating...at the end ..in the pub..or the cafe..or in a restaurant..you can all celebrate together that you managed to complete the treasure hunt! Joint motivation is powerful...
Elvis recommends Treasure Hunts!!

Elvis once said, "I believe the key to happiness is someone to love, something to do, and something to look forward to."

Black Cat Treasure Hunts could not agree more with this sentiment. Our most popular treasure hunts have been in Brighton to date and it is not surprising that the City has now been voted one of the top 10 up and coming tourist destinations for 2016. See the Daily Mail article below:

January is the perfect time to get the ball rolling and book a treasure hunt so that you have something to look forward to doing later on in the year.Why not try one of our ever popular hen party treasure hunts...or a Summer awayday treasure hunt for the office team?

Fancy something new?..our Amazing Race treasure hunt (see personalised treasure hunt tab) is a fun and high value way to have a competitive tour round Brighton.

In 2016 we are also introducing new initiatives with Metrodeco (a popular 1930`s tea salon in Brighton) which involves Brunch followed by a treasure hunt or , alternatively, a treasure hunt followed by a Cocktails party. We are also linking up for our first proper cycling treasure hunt adventure with Cycle Brighton, who are based in  Hove. Our first route will take you from Hove to the enchanting Rudyard Kipling gardens in Rottingdean.

So..contact us on info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk to make a booking for something to do and look forward to in 2016. No advance payment required before you have seen a first draft.

Celebrating a Birthday This Year?

...and 9 other reasons to get in touch with us in 2015!

1. Birthday..18..21..30..40..50..60..?.we wont ask if you don`t want us to know, but a personalised treasure hunt is the best idea we know for entertaining a wide range of ages!

2. You want a promotion..we know you are good at your job, but convince your boss by booking us to organise a teambuilding treasure hunt for the company.

3. You`ve said it with flowers...now say I love you with a personalised treasure hunt for Valentines.Let us know all about your valentine and we will create the most original present you have ever given.

4. Here comes the bride!..but first here comes the Hen Party. One of our bestsellers and a great way to get the whole party together.

5. Feeling hot hot hot?...probably not in January...so why not make a start on getting a plan together for an office outing ,Summer treasure hunt...

6. Kids huh?..seen it..done it..got the school outing `t` shirt!...not just yet my friend!  Contact us to organise an original, fun school outing treasure hunt.

7. Bonjour..Je suis le chat noir...um..ok..in charge of foreign students wishing to explore the best parts of Sussex?..call us..we are not great at foreign languages, but we are at entertaining treasure hunts.

8. Not another Tombola!..how many times is that bottle of dodgy wine going to be re-cycled?! Blow away the fundraising/fete/event/social committee with your idea for a treasure hunt. Make this the year you really put yourself on the map.

9. Celebrate good times..come on!...we`ve mentioned birthdays, but what about anniversaries..re-unions..successes...call us and we`ll piggy back on your feelgood factor! 

10. The customer(guest) is always right?..do you run a hotel or guesthouse..then why not ask us to improve your family activity portfolio and see how many questions your guests get right on an originally designed  treasure hunt.
 A Different Kind Of Treasure Hunt

"Not so hard that you could not get any of the clues, but hard enough so that you feel pleased with yourself when you get one. The challenges were a lot of fun and just right for our group."

This recent testimonial is typical of the type of comments applied to our treasure hunts. All too often I have seen other treasure hunts try to be overly smart with their clues or at the other extreme, predictable with the theme. A Black Cat Treasure Hunt aims to understand what you want out of a treasure hunt in every circumstance. Here are 5 different scenarios where this is true:

1. Hen party treasure hunt...personalised with a lot of in jokes, anecdotes and photos featuring everyone on the hunt.By getting everyone featured and involved we help to break the ice when groups of guests don`t really know each other.

2. Awayday treasure hunt...typically a bigger group and the P.A. has been lumbered with sorting an event out. Relax! We send some random,fun questions to all the participants and build the responses into the questions and challenges.The pressure is on to get the answers right whilst having fun.

3. Birthday treasure hunt..more focussed on the birthday holder and typically we find that the treasure hunts are used for a shared birthday event or birthdays separated by a week or two. The `other half`(halves)will got a lot of credit here for an original, fun and thoughtful present!

4. Teenage birthday treasure hunt..active..fast and furious..competitive...fun. The last one we did was sited in a wooded area next to the birthday boy`s house.Clues on trees...challenges to be done...photos to be taken..prizes at the end. Sorted!

5. Brighton Treasure Hunt..one size does not fit all and the same can be said for the treasure hunts we write in all the other Sussex towns,villages and events. You tell us your ideas and we will make it a memorable occasion for you.

Contact us today on info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk
Brighton Treasure Hunts..Vive la Difference!

There are places all over Sussex that are ideal for treasure hunts. Sussex villages often have a mysterious feature that can be perfect to discover on a driving treasure hunt. The Sussex Downs and the Seven Sisters cliffs are amongst the most spectacular scenery in the country and can unleash hidden treasures for you to discover.

How does Brighton fit in so neatly to what Sussex has to offer when really a lot of visitors to the County treat it as a separate entity. In many ways it has its own character of course which in itself is appealing, but it also combines the best treasure hunt characteristics of the other venues around the County too. These are my top five reasons to choose a Brighton treasure hunt.

1. Compact..One of the most regular bits of positive feedback about our Brighton treasure hunts is that they cover a great cross section of the City in a comparitively short space of time. I`m prepared to take the credit for that so long as you don`t mention that that is part of the charm of Brighton.

2. History..from the raffish Regency era that ties the impressive Royal Pavilion to a nearby pub and the historical background that means North St goes East/West and east St goes North/South there is something of interest around every corner. Why are Jack the Ripper and Graham Greene linked?...only a Brighton treasure hunt will deliver on that!

3. Sun,sea,sights and (no sand)..Sussex is a county with a higher than average chance of good weather..a Brighton treasure hunt will benefit. The sea was always felt to be health giving and looking out to it now is always good for the mind and helpful to solving a clue or two.Sights along the seafront..of course. No sand..not actually a drawback as it allows more space for the odd attractions all the way along.

4. Personalised..Brighton is an attraction for team-building treasure hunts, celebratory treasure hunts like Hen party treasure hunts and many more. The reason is that there are so many contrasting options,clues on different routes and question possibilities that every group can have its own unique, personalised Brighton treasure hunt.

5. The people..cosmopolitan will cover it and a characteristic that is perfect for giving assistance to and joining in with your very own Black Cat Treasure Hunt in Brighton.

Thinking of coming to Brighton..contact us on info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk
 The Benefits of Creativity and Originality

Too often it is easy to `stick to the routine` or `follow the normal procedures`. However, this way of working can be appropriate, even commendable where certain targets or levels of service must be achieved. For example a Solicitors must make sure the transfer of monies on a house sale is done at the correct moment..or..the cleaner must make sure that the areas open to the public are cleaned and accessible for the right time.

A Manager will often turn to the line managers or  P.A though and say, "I want a creative and original approach to implementing this policy". This can lead to some trepidation as maybe the staff in question have been there a while and find this guideline beyond their skill set. For the ones not undaunted by the demand there is the challenge of subsequently persuading the others that their creative and original ideas are suitable and practical.

Why does anyone need to be creative and original in the first place?

*Keeping ahead of your competitors: Taking control of the future with new ideas is the best way to stay in front.

*Motivate the staff: Repetition and standardisation can be monotonous and lead to a stagnation in performance.

*A sense of achievement: This will be gained when taking a step back and then successfully implementing a new and improved way of doing things that will keep everyone happy or happier!

*Change management: Things change all the time and if the changes can be taken on board by adopting a creative and original approach then they will be adopted quicker and more smoothly.

*Work hard..play hard!..Everyone deserves fun to reward the effort put in at work. Creative and original ideas are the perfect way to include everyone, but not always easy to find...that`s where Black Cat comes in!............

Our treasure hunts are the most creative, original and fun you will find. From taking a video clip of a running squirrel to eating American Peanut Butter...from getting a `lipstick kiss` to getting a Seagull to demonstrate its catching abilities!..and these were just in the same hunt. Contact us on info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk to get the best in creativity and originality.

What to expect on a Black Cat Treasure Hunts Sports Club Treasure Hunt 1.Fun...There will be a lot of fun challenges along the way to keep everyone involved and entertained. 2.Competition...These are designed for sports clubs so we add points to each question and challenge specifically so that you can do it in teams. 3.Personalisation...Play a few tricks on competing club members by sending us some photos and amusing anecdotes about them in action for the club. We will work them into the questions and challenges. 4.Theme...Optional, but potential for added fun by choosing a theme for the event or relating it to your sport. 5.Anywhere...Black Cat Treasure Hunts will write a treasure hunt in your village, town or city in Sussex especially for you. 6.Dress up...Why not attempt the hunt in club kit or in any kind of fancy dress? 7.Raise a little money for club funds...The treasure hunts are excellent value for money and open the possibility of combining it with a presentation social afterwards to raise some funds for the club. 8.Year round..Ideal in the Summer, but great for team spirit during the Winter too. 9.All weather...Black Cat Treasure Hunts can be done on foot..in a car or even running along! 10.Knowhow...Black Cat Treasure Hunts have had over 25 years experience in the leisure industy and know what sports people expect from events.Fun.organised,competitive.
Black Cat Predictions for the Rest of the Summer

1.The Summer will be long and sunny and extend into the middle of September too.

2.Hen party treasure hunts will be following Black Cat clues and completing challenges every weekend.

3.Corporate treasure hunts will never be the same again...they will be fun...aid teambuilding..and good value!

4.England will top the Commonwealth Games medal table.

5.People who visit the Black Cat Treasure Hunts Facebook page will see complimentary comments from real people about the real treasure hunts they have completed.

6.Treasure hunts as the first part of a Xmas party will be encouraged at the end of the Summer..it`s never too early.

7.If you are living in or visiting Sussex and you want to celebrate a special occasion you will notice people using Black Cat Treasure hunts to help them do so.

8.You will see groups of people randomly performing Mexican Waves, shaking hands with aliens and doing many crazy things to get points in a Black Cat Treasure Hunt.

9.You will get quick and helpful service if you contact Black Cat Treasure Hunts.

10.When you book a Black Cat treasure hunt we predict that you will get helpful advice and suggestions above and beyond what is normally expected.
Black Cat Treasure Hunts Events Services

Black Cat Treasure Hunts are delighted to be able to offer a wide range of freelance event management services and the following reasons are why you should consider us first:

1. Over 25 years of event management experience.

2. Extremely good value freelance rate.

3. Used to working to budgets.

4. Creative and problem solving our speciality.

5. Not just treasure hunts, but sports and social events taken on.

6. Need an extra pair of hands, but unable to create a permanent job..call us.

7. Flexible hours/working days

8. From event assistant to event manager..all events open to discussion.

9. Wide range of customer recommendations available.

10. Communication channels available 24/7..info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk....Black Cat Treasure Hunts facebook page...BCtreasurehunts (twitter)..07445818996 (mobile telephone)

Corporate Teambuilding or Away day Treasure Hunts..calling all P.A`s !

January is the best time to get the ball rolling for a teambuilding treasure hunt in Sussex later in the year. Get the credit for coming up with the idea and let us take the strain of organising a bespoke, fun, time efficient and entertaining event at a fantastic price. Here are ten things you need to decide to help us organise  a great day out for you and your team.

1.Where do you want the treasure hunt to be?..We can set up treasure hunts all over Sussex. Our Brighton treasure hunts are great for away days and teambuilding or you may want a social event based on a treasure hunt in the town where you work.

2.Who is taking part?..Our treasure hunts get everyone involved. Our treasure hunt ideas involve taking photos and videos and answering fun and interesting questions along a varied and compact route. Whoever comes along will have the opportunity to contribute fully. It doesn`t matter to us what position they hold in your company. We can personalise your treasure hunt further by including photos and info about the participants into the route and questions!

3.What date are you having the hunt? Black Cat Treasure Hunts can set up hunts at short notice, but the further in advance you decide then the more detailed and fun we can make the hunt. We can include photos and info about the participants to keep everyone on their toes!

4.Will it be competitive?..Our treasure hunts can have points allocated to each question and challenge so that you can split into teams and find out who is the pride of your company. You also have the option of us managing the event on the day and providing an independent judge to decide the winners and make presentations.

5.Can I as the office organiser take part too?...Of course!...we ask you to arrange photos to be sent(optional) and get the others to send relevant info/answers to set questions directly to us so that you have little knowledge about what to expect on the day. Alternatively, we do send a first draft of the hunt for you to check over and be 100% happy with the product.

6.How much time do you want it to take?..we can adapt the content to fit in with your other requirements. if you have limited time then teamwork will come to the fore as you try and decide which questions and challenges to tackle and which ones to leave out in the race to get to the finish on time.

7.Evening or daytime? ..we will change the questions and challenges to fit in with the time of day and what is accessible. Equal fun at any time of the day.

8.Start and finish points?..You may want to start at your hotel and finish at a particular pub or restaurant or alternatively you may prefer to let our local knowledge set the surprise start and finish points.

9.`Must see` places on route? You and your team may be travelling some distance and would like to pass some of the sites on route. No problem..let us know if there are particular ones and we will work them into the route. This actually makes it easier for us.

10. A Sussex treasure hunt means questions about the town?...we generally mix up fun and amusing challenges with interesting and sometimes quirky questions about what you can see on route or about the place where you are. We are happy if you want us to theme the questions as an alternative too



Hen Party Treasure Hunts

In this month of romance we thought it would be a good idea to give you our ten top tips for why treasure hunts are great ideas for part of a hen weekend and how to arrange the best hen party treasure hunt in Sussex.

1.See the sights...an excellent chance to find out where everything is in what may well be a new City/Town to you and have a lot of fun doing so.

2.Get out and about in Brighton or anywhere else in Sussex!.. Brighton is normally the top choice for hen weekends in Sussex, but Black Cat Treasure Hunts will organise a fun treasure hunt anywhere for you in the county.

3.Group bonding...treasure hunts are a brilliant way to bring a group together and make friends particularly when it is likely the whole group will not know each other at the start of a hen weekend.

4.Excellent value activity that will last a morning or an afternoon...Black Cat Treasure Hunts offers superb value and we are very flexible in terms of how long you would like the hunt to last.

5.Get Personal!!..Our hunts use photos and information about the bride to be within the questions, clues and mini challenges that make up the treasure hunts. Print off an extra copy as a lasting memento of the day. We can suggest start and finish points or work around the rest of your planning for the day.

6.Laughing sets the tone for the weekend..our questions are amusing and the challenges are fun and creative. You wont be able to stop laughing at yourself and the rest of the group.

7.Book..relax...get the credit....Contact us on info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk to arrange the booking..then let us write an inventive treasure hunt covering a wide cross section of your chosen venue..and then get all the credit from the rest of your group for organising an excellent, high value activity for everyone!

8.Get more value..click on this link: http://www.blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk/76-284  for our hen party website page and get a code entitling you to a further £10 discount!

9.Competitive?..we can help. Points can be allocated to each question and challenge. You split into teams and mark/judge your answers/photos and videos at the end.

10.Trust our references..we continually get testimonials praising our creativity, thanking us for the fun that the whole party contributed to and the value for money.


Brighton Treasure Hunts and other Sussex Treasure Hunts too!

Brighton is currently our top choice for treasure hunts in  Sussex. Here are the top five reasons for joining the crowd and choosing Brighton and five more for deciding to choose a different venue in Sussex. 

1.As Sussex` premier City, Brighton is the liveliest, most cosmopolitan place on the South coast to visit to have your treasure hunt.

1.You may like to choose your own Sussex village or town for a group treasure hunt. Black Cat Treasure Hunts was recently chosen to set up a birthday treasure hunt for 10 families around the village of Cuckfield.

2.Brighton can be considered a compact city and as such has a lot of attractions and interesting things to see close together making for an excellent treasure hunt route.

2.Sussex villages have fantastic countryside and often unusual things to see and great history too. Why not request your own driving treasure hunt through a selection of Sussex villages to celebrate a birthday.

3.Brighton is a magnet for conferences and business teams on away days or teambuilding events. Why not ask Black Cat Treasure Hunts to sort out a special treasure hunt to complement your stay in the city.

3.Sussex towns along the coast such as Rye, Hastings, Eastbourne and Seaford can provide a fascinating backdrop for treasure hunts for social events, student visits and sports clubs events.

4.Brighton`s corporate entertainment or activities for celebrations such as hen parties or anniversaries can be expensive. Black Cat Treasure Hunts pride ourselves on value for money and often surprise people with our cost effectiveness.

4.We can set up treasure hunts for shows, special events, visitor attractions anywhere in Sussex. Last year we had treasure hunts in castle grounds, at garden shows and for sports clubs socials..none of which were in Brighton, but spread around Sussex.

5.Brighton is quirky with odd and unusual shops, museums, a pier, Royal Pavilion and a huge range of restaurants, bars and clubs..made for treasure hunts and places to relax and have fun afterwards too.

5.Black Cat Treasure Hunts specialise in personalised treasure hunts meaning we can incorporate your photos and info into questions/challenges and interesting routes anywhere in Sussex. we can make them whatever you want them to be. Contact us today on info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk




Personalised. Bespoke and Corporate Treasure Hunts

Sometimes people interchange the words personalised, bespoke and corporate when talking about one-off special treasure hunts. We at Black Cat treasure Hunts have probably been guilty of that too! In this blog we are going to answer 9 questions in which you can find out the differences or similarities between the three and help you decide which is the most suitable treasure hunt for you.

1.Who is it for?: This is the real nitty gritty question of course. Personalised treasure hunts can be for individuals (like a hen party treasure hunt or a birthday party hunt), but involve other people known to that person. Bespoke treasure hunts can be set up for a leisure attraction, an event, a charity, a hotel etc and are designed to be suitable for all the people attending the site or occasion. A corporate treasure hunt is more typically for the employees of a business on an away-day  teambuilding activity or searching for something fun to do after a day at a conference or business event.

2.Who would book these different treasure hunts?: The personalised treasure hunts are normally booked by a friend of the person/people the treasure hunt is focussed on.(eg. the bride to be, the birthday boy/girl, the couple celebrating an anniversary.) A bespoke treasure hunt will be the decision of an owner of a leisure site or the organiser of an event whilst a Corporate treasure hunt is often set up by a P.A on behalf of the rest of the staff attending.

3.What type of style and questions are used in the hunts? The style can be similar for the three types of treasure hunts in that they will be designed to be fun and appropriate for the people likely to be taking part. Personalised treasure hunts will include photos and information about the person/people the hunt is designed around and link those directly to the questions and mini challenges on route. A bespoke hunt however will focus on the content of an event or layout of an attraction. Black Cat Treasure Hunts will adapt the questions/challenges according to any guidelines given. A corporate treasure hunt will be a combination of the other two in that there will be questions on route relating more to where the hunt is based, but can also include photos and info about the participants to add to the fun.

4.Have Black Cat Treasure Hunts created treasure hunts for all 3 types? Yes, we pride ourselves on our creativity and value for money in these styles of treasure hunt. We have done numerous personalised treasure hunts, but aim to make them all special and different. We have done bespoke treasure hunts for garden shows, in an aquarium, for guests at two London hotels and on a castle grounds.We have completed corporate treasure hunts for all sorts of different businesses at different times of day.

5.Do Black Cat Treasure Hunts manage the treasure hunt on the day? We give that option, but generally personalised treasure hunts are run by you at a time to suit you. Bespoke treasure hunts are designed to last over a longer period of time and will involve a longer period of initial discussion in order to make sure it is correctly designed. A corporate treasure hunt is more likely to involve Black Cat Treasure Hunts on the day to judge photos, mark the answers and arrange a mini presentation.

6.Is the cost of these 3 type of treasure hunts the same? No..personalised treasure hunts will be cheaper as less people generally are involved. Corporate treasure hunts will cost a little more, but are exceptional value compared to any comparable providers.A bespoke treasure hunt can vary depending on requirements, but once again have been noted for their superb cost effectiveness. Black Cat Treasure Hunts charge a set £50 for half day event management services.

7.Do Black Cat Treasure Hunts set up these 3 styles of treasure hunt outside Sussex? Well..we are Sussex treasure hunt specialists due to our local, County knowledge. Most of our personalised treasure hunts are in Sussex (for example Brighton is a favourite place for hen party treasure hunts). However..(!) we like a challenge and are happy to venture further afield to set up  bespoke and corporate treasure hunts.We have set up successful bespoke treasure hunts in London, Hampshire, Surrey and Kent.

8.Are there any things that are always the same for personalised treasure hunts, bespoke treasure hunts and corporate treasure hunts? yes..they are all fun to take part in , great value and creatively written!

9.Do we contact different people for the three types of treasure hunt? No.. email us on: 

info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk or call us on 07445818996 with your enquiry. We look forward to hearing from you!


World Cup Theme Teambuilding/Social Event Treasure Hunt

Ok..so it`s April, it`s the month of Easter and I guess some of you might expect Black Cat Treasure Hunts to be planning an Easter Egg hunt! Well..we`re more than happy to do that for anyone..big or small..but generally we will leave it to the Village Hall committee or a family to do in their own garden.

No..this month we would like to give you 10 reasons why you might want to choose a World Cup themed treasure hunt and book it in April.

1.Your business is planning an away-day or teambuilding trip to Sussex and wants a treasure hunt with a difference to make the day go with a swing.

2.Your group doesn`t like football and would like to do a treasure hunt during the World Cup period to get away from it all. The questions and challenges would relate to the countries competing, but would not be about football.

3.Your social group/sports club loves football and the questions/challenges would be all about the World Cup!

4.Sussex is a great place to visit...a treasure hunt is a great way to get people together...the World Cup is an appropriate theme this year...and the hunt can combine football and non football related questions.

5.The theme can help you have fun in lots of ways..dress up in football kit...carry the flag of your favourite team. Drink a Brazilian cocktail half way round...

6.April is a good month to book this themed hunt as it will give you time to organise at your end.

7.Reason number 7...lucky number 7..if you have read this far and confirm your booking by the 30th April 2014 we will give you a £10 discount off the treasure hunt. (Quote WC2014 to secure this when booking).

8.April is all about treasure hunts and Easter Egg hunts for children..what about the adults?! Book one now to look forward to.

9.Black Cat Treasure Hunts love writing treasure hunts...we love football too if you want that included, but we understand if you don`t! We have great testimonials if you are not sure who to choose.

10.We find that sometimes April can be an expensive month..Black Cat Treasure Hunts offer great value treasure hunts for businesses, social clubs, sports clubs, groups of friends.

Contact us today on info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk for further details and the next step.


Top 10 Treasure Hunt Ideas

Black Cat likes a list and we have lots of treasure hunt ideas for when and why you could try out one of our treasure hunts.

1. Teambuilding or an away-day event...great to get out the office once in a while and get to know your colleagues from other departments in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Ask us to set up your own personalised treasure hunt anywhere in Sussex.

2. Going on a date...why not!...take your time discovering and answering the questions together.

3. Family day out..treasure hunts are an excellent way of escaping the Xbox, getting exercise, bonding as a family because everyone gets the chance to chip in.

4. Celebration treasure hunts..Send us some photos/info and we will create a personalised treasure hunt for that important birthday or anniversary.

5. Present idea...stuck for an original present for the person who has everything...not any more.

6. Something different to do on a regular walk...ideal for locals to add interest to your normal routine.

7. High value/low cost activity to help visitors discover a new city, town, village, seafront, countryside.

8. Location..location..location..from Brighton to Brightling, Chichester to Rye. We have Sussex covered.

9. Stag/hen treasure hunts..looking for a fun activity to entertain the whole group late morning or afternoon. ideal way for people to get to know each other better.

10. Own a visitor attraction or running a one off show? Contact us at info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk to discuss a treasure hunt that will enhance your customers experience,


Black Cat Treasure Hunts for New Years Resolutions !

1. Lose weight after Xmas: Chichester...because it`s the longest one...you will know the place well by the end!

2. Find Romance: Brighton In The North Laine...because it has a very varied route with a good chance of meeting a lot of people on the way.

3. Live more dangerously!...In Search of Mad Jack`s Mysterious Tower...a driving hunt taking you on a wild adventure into the depths of Sussex countryside.

4. Education through having fun..Lewes: The Town that made History...battles,Henry VIII,a castle and bonfire night..they are all here and much more.

5. Visit somewhere new...Rye: Cannonballs and Cobblestones...a compact, circular route ideal for an adult couple or a family on a fun outing.

6. Discover the countryside..Seaford: Searching for the Seven Sisters..a beautiful route to discover the iconic Seven Sisters Cliffs featured in several well known films.

7. Surprise yourself..Petworth: From the cottage to the mansion..tough questions near the start culminating in a stunning discovery at the end.

8.Improve the teamwork of my work colleagues...anywhere in Sussex...contact us on info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk to arrange an away-day, personalised treasure hunt.

9. Go back in time..Alfriston...smugglers..cream teas..a war time mine and a leisurely walk around this most picturesque of Sussex villages.

10. Re-connect with your youth..Glynde to Hartfield Planes,Trains and Automobiles (and Pooh Bear too!)..a driving hunt to tract down where Pooh Bear played his famous game of Pooh Sticks, but with many other adventures on the way in this new driving hunt. 

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